Every year in Yoro, Honduras, it rains fish—now, Ogilvy is helping locals turn it into a business

The agency behind ‘Morning After Island’ creates a new brand, ‘Heaven Fish,’ for fish wholesaler Regal Springs

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May 11, 2023
Product shot of Regal Springs' "Heaven Fish"

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Ogilvy Honduras, the agency behind the award-winning “Morning After Island” campaign, is back with its latest magical idea to help people in the country. This one is based around a curious natural phenomenon in the Yoro region, where every year fish rain down from the sky.

As seen in the case video below, scientists believe the fish are sucked into the sky by water cyclones and then naturally fall back to earth. Ogilvy saw in this phenomenon a chance for a new brand—with the fishes’ strange journey giving them value that was unique and sellable. 

And so, partnering with fish wholesaler Regal Springs, “Heaven Fish” was born.


Every time the Rain of Fish happens, Regal Springs will incorporate them into its product line. The initiative also continues Regal Springs’ long history of supporting sustainability and social responsibility in fish farming.

Collection of "Heaven Fish" packages

“We are proud to partner with Regal Springs in this initiative—one that proves the true value of creative business transformation, opening up a new business opportunity that will benefit both the brand and the community,” said Edgardo Melgar, head of communications at Ogilvy Honduras.

“We are excited to partner with the community of Yoro and promote Heaven Fish,” added Fabricio Lopez, general manager of Regal Springs. “We are true to our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, and it motivates us to work with local communities to improve the economy through high-quality products, and what better way than by multiplying the value of these natural resources that fall from the sky?” 


May 11, 2023
Client :
Regal Springs
Agency :
Ogilvy Honduras
Eduardo Ching
Cesar Chinchilla
Head of Communication :
Edgardo Melgar
Account Lead :
Ericka Coello
Head of PR :
Jimena Andino
Head of Planning :
Alan Cruz
Head of Creative Excellence :
Adriana Weinberg
Chief Communication Officer :
Marina Piacentini
Global CCO :
Liz Taylor
Deputy Global Chief Creative Officer :
Joe Sciarrotta
Global Head of Creative Excellence :
Harley Saftler
Global Chief Communications Officer :
David Ford
Producer :
14 al Centro

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