‘Jury Duty’ star Ronald Gladden has ‘major trust issues’ in new Mint Mobile ad

Ryan Reynolds consoles the disbelieving breakout star of the ‘Truman Show’-esque Amazon Freevee show

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May 11, 2023
Ronald Gladden and Ryan Reynolds in the new Mint Mobile ad

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“This doesn’t seem real,” says Ronald Gladden early on in his new Mint Mobile commercial with Ryan Reynolds. “Are there hidden cameras?”

Gladden’s faux-trauma (which, who knows, maybe there’s a bit of real trauma thrown in) will be understandable—and amusing—to fans of “Jury Duty,” the Amazon Freevee show that has made Gladden a breakout star. After responding to a Craigslist post looking for people to take part in a documentary about jury duty, Gladden became the unwitting, Truman Show-esque star of what was actually a mockumentary—where everyone else, including the judge, bailiff and fellow jurors—was in on the joke.

No wonder he’s a little jittery.


It’s right in agency Maximum Effort’s wheelhouse, of course, to pluck stars-of-the-moment for quick advertising hits. Just last month, the Reynolds-owned agency put Dr. Irving Scher, a biomechanical engineer who memorably testified in the Gwyneth Paltrow ski trial, in a spot for Betty Buzz’s Meyer lemon soda (a brand led by Reynolds’ wife, Blake Lively).

Also this week, Gladden—whose curious and positive demeanor earned him the label of the “good guy” on the show—announced he had signed with Artists First for representation in Hollywood.